10 Most Severely Anti-Abortion Countries On Earth

8. Mexico


Mexico is a insane-challenging region to rank on right here. Its 31 states have wildly differing legal guidelines on abortion, running the gamut from relatively-liberal to incredibly rigid. Although the capital allows abortions up to twelve weeks with no limitations, others will not enable a termination even if the mother’s lifetime is in danger.

In simple fact, only thirteen states will prioritize the mother’s lifetime previously mentioned that of the fetus. At the very least sixteen have reaffirmed their constitutions to define lifetime commencing at the second of conception. Checks are carried out on miscarriages to make guaranteed the newborn wasn’t born alive. If authorities identify the newborn died soon after exiting the womb it is counted as an abortion and the mother can be jailed.

On the other hand, Mexico City has just one of the most-liberal regimes in Latin The united states. Only Uruguay and Cuba have legal guidelines even approaching their ’12 weeks, no issues asked’ rule.

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