Top 10 Most Dangerous Fighting Knives

9. Press Dagger

10 Deadliest Combat Knives Daggers

A press dagger (most commonly recognised as: press knife, fist knife, press dirk, or T-handled knife) is a small knife having the design and style related to the letter “T”. It is specially made to be grasped in the hand so that the blade would be pointing ahead, commonly rising from the 2nd and third finger. This is a distinct style of a battling knife, created just for stabbing from behind fairly than battling. The blade is oriented horizontal to the floor when held. The cast on aluminum take care of has a grip molded for bare hand holding, with finger recesses, and a steel rounded knuckle is made to address the last three fingers only. The blade is double-edged, with flattened diamond cross-portion. The full size of the press dagger is 7.25 inches (idea of the blade to back again of the grip).

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